7 Signs you Lack Boundaries 

Your relationship with boundaries determines the quality of the relationship you have with yourself as well as those around you. Boundaries are important because they are the beginning of real self-love. 

If you are not sure of where you are at on the spectrum of setting healthy boundaries. Here’s how to tell if this is an area of improvement for you. 

1.   The idea of speaking your truth makes you feel uncomfortable:
       - The thought of it.
       - Doing it
       - Having done it – makes you feel ‘bad’. 

       For some people it gets so bad that even if you’ve established what you want to say and why its important that you say it. But when it’s time to say it - YOU CHOKE UP…on a lump on your throat and the words don’t come out. 

2.   You are overly apologetic. This links to the issue of self-judgment which often comes from feelings of guilt and shame picked up since childhood. This is the same guilt and shame that  cause self-restriction (lack of freedom) and showing up small or diluted in life. 

3.   Saying NO is a huge struggle for you.

4.   You prioritise other people’s needs over yours in an unhealthy way – with the hope of being liked, accepted and favoured. 

5.   You give away your time, money, energy and IP away for free or next to nothing. You don’t hold yourself or those who receive your TME accountable. 

6.   You struggle with communicating your needs in a relationship. 

7.   You accept unwanted touch or sex.

Naturally, if you lack boundaries – it’s likely that you have a tendency to judge harshly and label those who set boundaries with you.  If you feel stuck in a particular area of your life – it could be that you are struggling with boundaries. 

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